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I was given information last night at IOP that instantly filled me with trepidation, doubt, fear… I have a copay.  Yet another promise based on nothing, no proof, just a usually… And of course my insurance is different.  They have a payment plan and I shared my concern with the person in charge: that I can’t afford it right now and I am afraid that will either directly impact my ability to continue or that I could use it as an excuse for not continuing.


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Kids react to power glove

To be embedded.

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Thoughts While AFK

If I want to listen to Paranoid Android, why Spotify, would I want to listen to Interpol. You should know my age by now.  No, bad Spotify!

Also music related, has Pitbull purchased stock in makers of Fireball whiskey? It’s become a thing and then I hear his song which makes me wonder which came first. The song even breaks down”we are bringing it back”  …or maybe he invested in Prilosec.

One of the side effects of not only the night of ill repute (6/4-6/5) but the afternoon of attempted mitigation (6/7) was poison ivy/something. I know what to look for with ivy, but not so much either of the other two.  I tend to break out bad, and the relatively small exposure I had initially, I made it much worse trying to find my list items by retracing my steps.




Now at the doctor express because my doctor only had 1 I office today and the walk in clinic at cvs was also not available because”she’s” (the practitioner) “sick” and I could see her through the open in afor sitting  chair with another woman in a white coat.

Getting all ailments checked while I’m here, not as expensive as emergency room but it will be more than a copay, by a titsch.


I have not had too much of a desire to be on social media.  It pulled me away from living just as much as drinking.  Most of what I shared was reposted. The few original articles I did come across I chalked them up to political commentary so they could go on the official page.


Our anniversary is at the end of the month. I have no idea what we should do. What will happen with our plan to go back to the wine trail each year? I have said goodbye, and I’m trying to understand what I was running from, live in the moment, experience it. I felt it several times this weekend, it felt good. 


I worry my friend is off changing without me.  I can’t say he’d want to play games. He’s been playing board games, they are cool and all but I’m not usually that good, at least with video games if I suck I can hand it to him and watch him kick ass.


That steroid shot was pretty mega.  It was a surge, disorienting, like fuel burning in my blood stream.  Gearing up for something great.  Actually just a skin rash but it seemed to tackle it pretty good with the high dose. Small dose it just got itchy and patchy again. Wah wah wah.

Still hanging on, only one really bad spot near my ankle but my whole leg is on fire from knee down, and swollen from the itching. Wearing light long pants to avoid scratching.

6/26 Coming Clean

First night of intensive group.  That means you listen to buzzwords, are asked for your thoughts on things, and people are being enthusiastic about recovery, with many missteps along the way.  I wasn’t planning on saying anything, let alone getting into detail as to why I was there.  It has been a long time, maybe 20 years that I have looked for distraction.  Often seeking something that would downright numb or lift me.  I was always looking for something to quiet the din, feeling uncomfortable in my own head.  I kept it in check, what I thought was reasonable control but count up the times I was dead drunk, or blacked out, or something bad happened when I was drinking and it is a pattern.  I can see this better than 5 hours ago, which I not only doubted would happen but was adamant I could maintain my cynicism through at least the first meeting.  I’m not going to say it was miraculous or that it was an awakening but I found the common ground.

Everyone lied.  They were ashamed, or selfish, or already under the influence.  They let people down, they destroyed trust, we lied to maintain.  I have always told myself cI ould keep it straight, I could have parallel realities it of  would keep me at number one.  I was always the most important thing in my life. 

The pressure I feel from my children, to not let them down, to do right for them is what currently drives me. It’s not supposed to, I’m told it’s supposed to be for me.  I still don’t feel I’m worth it which is nonsense I know but my worth and my self worth have been off for a long long time.  This is where someone might blame ” The disease” which I’m still not buying into. I also can’t get over the “higher power” deal, need to find some atheists.


First AA meeting.  It’s everything I thought it would be. A horrible place for a hardcore emotive personality. I feel everything they express, and their stories and habits were far worse than mine.  I stayed for most of it.  Bonus: Not In A Church. A bunch of people showed.

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Not Quite: Video Game Franchises That Just Need to Stop

13 Video Game Franchises That Just Need to Stop.

There is maybe one or two one this list that I agree with. They then filled it in with other games that had consecutive titles. The author has no idea about some of these games and literally just pasted a general description, not actually mentioning why they’re in the list.

COD should be on this list
NFS should be on this list
Assassins Creed should be on this list

The reasons given however, are weak — so weak. I could write an entire article on each of them and where they have faltered. For NFS it went from being physics based and a great arcady simulation to a grab bag of “how many are going to be shit arcade before we get another good one.”

NFS I – groundbreaking, II – more of the same, III added force feedback and some actual differences in handling.

High Stakes – ok, cops

Porsche – really? just for the license, was high stakes tracks and graphics rehashed with Porsches

Most Wanted I — Pinnacle of what open world NFS could be, phenomenal at the time – contained story elements, police chaces, and missions… however, it did have quite the.
From there… it just went down.

Underground – hokey FMV acting and cringeworthy dialog

Carbon – Fast N Furious, all the way baby – it was somewhat open world, much more tuner, younger demographic

ProStreet – I liked the idea, it took less of a “streets” approach than carbon, more sanctioned track day, which didn’t feel like quite enough, the drag racing was fun… once or twice

Undercover – interesting twist, horrible acting again

Shift – I liked this one a lot, finally got some sim back in, better than
Grand Taurismo not as good as Forza

Hot Pursuit – tried hard, nope

Shift 2 – OK, Shift and then a bit more

The Run – very bad, pretended you could actually race against opponents, you would only gain what each stage allowed, you either won the stage, or you didn’t.

Most Wanted (2013?) – FAILED

Rivals – BAD arcade, race friends!!!11!! nope.

I’m not very hopeful for the newest but I always seem to buy them, usually once they’re on very very sale. I am no longer a Day 0 NFS fan but I do seem to have them all.
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Al3xand3rHyd3 originally shared to Gaming (Discussion):

How many of you actually agree with this list?

13 Video Game Franchises That Just Need to Stop
There are a lot of video game franchises that keep producing games, even when they are past their prime. They are like an aging sports star, they need to either sit on the bench or outright retire.

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DIRT Rally / Mortal Kombat / Dead or Alive 5 / Carmageddon / ESO

On tonight’s agenda was Dirt Rally. I got the email about the early access and had to jump on it. 10% extra off isn’t much but l loved everything they’ve dive since Grid.  It was way underrated but DIRT really brought then front and center.  Showdown was a good effort, it fell short but filed the demo Derby hole in my library for a while.  Wreckfest (by Bugbear) is shaping up to be quite nice.  They’re doing the same result access but they’ve got an entirely different genre of racing.

DIRT Rally really does create the feeling of keeping your cat on the edge, that thin line of as much as you can give it without losing where you’re going to our it.  It controls phenomenally.  They have the physics spot on already but there is this pop thump sound behind me :/ the speakers that was driving me bits. It almost sounded like a backfire but also could have been kids awake upstairs so kept throwing me off until I confirmed it was in fact the game. Anytime I went from acceleration to brake or the weight shifted. I’m sure the sound guy who threw that in is very proud but it’s got to be mixed down.  That is actual feed back I can provide then. And that makes me feel good.  I can help shape a game I gladly support.

That aside I got my shit load of Kombat Koins from Mortal Kombat X, something was down our installation issues… I don’t know I was bossy worth GTA :)  In any case unlocked a bunch and played a fraction tower.  I am not sure how I feel about the unlock aspect of the past few games… but it does mean you get good before you being out done of the tally com sruff.  As it was many of my moves were the same over and over.  It’s hard with the stick on the controller but the d pad tears up my thumb.  I do a lot of accidental jumping.  No fatalities yet.  I hep trying the bbbf k and bfbf p combinations. I’m sure I’ll find one accidentally before I memorize any of then but don’t think it will even let me use it until I unlock it from the Krypt.

Dead or Alive is on deck.  My right hand felt swollen and tendons were stuck when I finished MK so it’s limited fighting games for me… 

Update. 6/11.. Played a few games against the wife.  She is a masher but does really well with soul caliber. Once I showed her the blocking and reversals it got a bit more heated. It is great to have DOA  on PC, it looks and plays gorgeous.

Carmageddon crashed, multiple times… So that didn’t happen.  Then, I went to delete local config and settings… accidentally wiped the whole game so it’s re-downloading now.

ESO did not get played tonight… but a lot of it is maintenance right now. I just want to be sure all my characters are house trained and crafting and doing something productive with the time overseen. It takes 30 days to research some traits so unused time is wasted time.  The wife will be using a friends account to play very soon so we’ll be doing some power leveling once she gets established.

Update 6/26

In still trying to become a werewolf with my newest character. I’ve now got her to level 20 and rI eally want to get bit.  I was in the right place the other night but it was a waxing crescent not a full moon. I also found what must be the most expensive item in the game right now… Imperial Motif, and I donated it to the guild.  They need more oomph.

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Installing Grand Theft Auto V (from disc)

7 Disc!


It’s taking a long time… but still faster than downloading.  I think.
*update* 16:38
*update* 17:30
*update* 19:44
*update* 20:32
*update* 23:56

– Added twitch link: twitch.tv/serinitism or click to watch embedded.

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So far is been a good couple weeks playing RockSmith (RS). I came into it knowing nothing so the pick holding tutorial was right up my alley.  It did not really touch on the fingers though, which is the current challenge.

I expected to go through a tedious process of strumming one string at a time, learning basic cords,  and otherwise simple maneuvers.  I was pleasantly surprised when almost immediately it was encouraging me to try a song.

The first few songs you try only use the E string, then the C string… keeping with the top 5 frets.  Before i knew it i was sliding up and down the frets, using the sustain,  mute, double strums and even the warble note going up or down.

The mini games aim to do small repeatable motions for muscle memory but aren’t the most fun. Inbetween songs you are also prompted to try lessons relevant to the song and depending how you do the next run through will incorporate the techniques you just learned,  cementing it in for the use it or lose it stage.

I have not done it every day but it gets  easier each time,  at least until it starts throwing up the difficulty and then you may find yourself blindly grapsing to get every 5th note… and then it dials the difficulty back down.


My fingers hurt

It’s a lot of fun and I highly recommend it though the Steam to U play setup is far from ideal.

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Mortal Kombat X – Downloading Faction Data

All I’ve got so far out of Mortal Kombat X and it’s new “streaming install system” is this:

Single player, crashed (closed w/o anything)
Tutorial, crashed
Fatality practice, crashed
Faction Stuff — seems to be… loading?

Downloading faction data...

Downloading faction data…

Check out the explanation from Steam on how this new process will work. Granted it’s only a half hour after it became decrypted. I had the 3G downloaded prior and on a whim decided to give it a shot before bed.

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Video: The World’s Largest Cave – Hang Son Doong

Hang Son Doong from Ryan Deboodt

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Battlefield Hardline – Beta Review

So I was able to play the alpha — or the alpha beta they put out before.  The driving was absolutely awful.  The cars were blocks, had nothing underneath, and really added nothing to the game other than transport.  This time around that has definitely changed.  The driving is better, you can’t turn on a dime and really need to plan… but the physics of it all is still way off.

I played the main modes of Bank Heist, Conquest, and Downtown.
If you’ve played Payday, you’re familiar with Bank Heist.  If you’ve played battlefield, you are familiar with conquest, and if you’ve played midnight club (R*) you’ve played Downtown.  Essentially you need to control the most cars, keep them moving (you get a bonus for driving at least a certain speed for a period of time) don’t get killed by the other guys and try and take them out.  The driver can’t do too much except keep the car moving.  The passengers have the job of keeping the other team off your ass.  You can shoot from inside the car with limited movement or lean out the window and shoot from there.  I played as the mechanic so I was able to shoot the guys following us, repair the car, and re-equip the gun waiting for the next batch.

It’s somewhat original.  It’s very cops and robbers, almost too cops and robbers in that you feel like you’re playing grown up cops and robbers.  It’s original in that you are battling from cars, relatively fast cars.  The pace itself is fast, new cars pop up after old cars blow up and like I said they encourage you to keep moving with the bonuses… also you’re on the map so it’s pretty safe to say if you stayed in one place you’d have company momentarily.

It’s a niche genre and I think it will be very popular with some people.  Primarily I think this is a great teenager game.  It’s got enough shooting and driving and flying to keep everyone happy, while still enabling them to use their battlefield engine (with little to no improvements, mind you) in a non-war setting.  I just can’t get past the driving.  If they put the same effort into the driving in this game as they did for the helicopters in Battlefield they could have a definite winner.  The maps are far too small, especially in the city mode because you’re inclined to just drive around in a circle.  If you choose not to do the circuitous route, you’ve got back alleys, weird blown up stuff that conveniently turns into a ramp, and plenty of things to get caught up on.  There’s little reason to stray from the route you know and that gets repetitive pretty quick.

This is a mod for Battlefield 4.  It should be $20 and a DLC for the existing game.  They changed the GUI – they added little improvements to the spawning maps like blocks on vehicles to show how many are spawning and based on the order your block shows up you can determine if you are going to be driving or a passenger but otherwise there’s not much better than Battlefield.

Also, I understand that it is beta, but put some quality into the graphics.  Battlefield 4 was the first where they actually went next gen instead of older current gen, though the chopper cockpit view in BF4 still gives me the willies.  I have an example back in the archives somewhere.


Right, so Battlefield Hardline — meh.
If you want a different change of pace, like Battlefield but don’t like that it’s not cops and robbers than give it a shot, but I can’t see this being a top selling blockbuster regardless of what the EA marketing machine tries to do with it.  I will continue to see it as the red headed stepchild of the franchise.

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Western Ma School Budget Meeting (live)

So I am here at the budget meeting for my kid,  his school,  his education.  I didn’t quite know why I was here at first,  as more people testify I understand what it is all about.  They are looking to reestablish the baseline budget and how they evaluate how much a given school system needs to properly educate children. 

Budget for ESL kids,  asked to double services,  budget model has not changed.
State allowed preschool education but based on previous year enrollment. So first year leaves gap.

Springfield: Foundation budget established in 1993.
Extended services based on lvl4 recommendations but no increased budget to support the required services. Cutting regular students to address special needs. Reimbursement needs to match services provided.
Chapter 70 reimbursement. Mental health has been huge impact to cost.
We’ve got a 40 year teacher who is getting loud and preachy. He has a point but coming off as potential loose cannon. The long white beard, fedora and tweed is not helping his idealist argument. Do what is right for the children, just come up with the money.
Parent teacher home visit program. Full day summer school. These are the kind of needs they have and they’ve only been able to do i5 through hat in hand charity.

Holyoke: recalibration needed, 8nflation he outpaced. Accounting for special needs. Counting them, providing per child instead of base or average, often not enough. Not punish schools by linking financial support to tests. Many new good calculations that have proven to be much for accurate guage.
220,000 to manage a school 2.5 teachers instead of paying for outside management for. Level 4.

NH Vocational teacher. Internet connectivity is a challenge. Less of an emphasis to use it at home if they do not have the resources especially at home so miss opportunity to reinforce techy lessons. Minimal technology standard. Whitehouse Connected, unable to install on school computers, not powerful enough.

My idea, better use of old technology, 1/3 replacement program with older machines used for alternates such as Linux, or dismantled for hardware instruction and building.

Video will be posted at nhstechnology.com

Foreign language does not get budget due to special needs, children denied, can’t go higher due to staff deficiency
Still using Windows me
$500 annually, books, supplies, everything

What services are necessary, just take top performing schools 14,000 per kid. Have everyone start with that and add ELL needs to that.

Chapter 70 formula has low income, propose rural consideration as well, their increased needs lack as well, ring average, 5 year. Not getting hit, average and soften the drop.
Provide research on actual spending vs foundation budget. Might be more realistic than per pupil.

Everything is paid for by homeowner, look at rural towns, busses, stretches much thinner, tech, requirements can’t be met if there is no MO ey, will never catch up. No additional business or industrial taxes. Farming communities have special needs.

Highschool student. Butter them up, best education in the state. To give student perspective. Layoffs 7 teachers due to transportation budget, it is a human system. What is adequate, acceptable to the promise of education and it is the best investment that can be made. Huntington.
State promised in the past to cover rural cost. Hadn’t done it.

Holyoke superintendent
High ELL special needs and poverty. Costs rise, we cut. Each of those 8 years as principal we cut cut cut, positions every time due to rising costs special services wrap around services. Sam e pool of money, so can only cover by cutting.
18 months as superintendent
2002 started in Holyoke

My idea, set goals first. Ideally how often replace books? Computers? Arts? Music, gym. How much to run, to cover growth in general population, special services. Then see how much it costs cN we do it. Post numbers of what taxes would be if we had to cover it all. Governor then budgets based on weighing school against other costs.

State of PA uses 15% special needs of population, should, Ltd be at least that. “circuit breaker”? 2 disabled students that take 350000 and are unable to be educated, blind, deaf, feeding tubes. Why does medical never provide these services.

Representative Aaron Vega joined the room.

Vivianna from Holyoke
Investment to 28% tax against stocks or bond.
My video
Representative gets insertion, out of order.
Vega Holyoke gets 5% reimbursement but actual spending is %26
2 payments a year, so if kid moves full year of money left hanging

Investigative financial journalist. This is not a cross section (old and white)

Montague again.
Budget, chapter 70 is brilliant for measuring theoretical, has consistency. Example of a policy that has unintended consequences, primarily due to changes in enrollment. Minus contribution should have an enrollment factor.
…another Montague finance committee member

Springfield parent
97% poverty, level 4 past 4 years finally stepping out.

Northampton School committee, Chicopee teacher. Fighting over crumbs. See so many other places have so much more spending and charter schools giv8ng so much more to a kid for the same amount of MO ey or because they are better at paperwork and red tape.

Granville superintendent
Circuit breaker is a major help. Pothole funds. Small but helpful
Special ed assumptions in bill needs review. Inclusion costs more than it is on paper.

My idea, data and tracking requirements are huge, big data, hard to do. How to submit, value added to schools to upload their info, reporting framework.

20 years, xportation for special ed, not addressed. Half a million for 40 students. More than 100000 per kid. Unable to e Pell. They’ve had too hire 3 new employees just for response them due to this requirement that they can not b en suspect did or expelled.

Idea. Are we looking at education or social services? Education costs the same for all. Overages should be handled by health insurance, or at least another specific plan. Additional staff and costs due to I creased medical needs.

Russel finance commitee
One town doesn’t like the formula, lost school, pays most taxes

NH parent
Passionate about creating schools children can thrive in
Charlie Backer address included his reflection on his school experience and how we can get back to that excellent t, money for special ed, we send to charter schools more than we get per kid, causing deficit.

NH ed director
Chapter 70 reductions has impacted curriculum. No vice principals so principal can’t spend any teaching time with teachers.

NH public schools
Parent, principal here too 1988 (pre 1993 changes)
Pot should be increased, NH needs bigger slice.

orange parent
Head of school committee
Suffer from city problems although small 8k population lvl3 school
Chapter 70 is 80% but town has nothing, what about elderly homeowners, can’t afford tax 8ncdease for the young ins. Sounds like someone in Orange politicals has an agenda.

Very loud past NH mayor.
Efficiencies: Boston says schools are efficient enough, won’t find a single school where they haven’t done their best to be efficient. Has point, can’t cut, can’t use Boston s baseline since there are so many other costs in the rest of the state.

Gateway public school district
Finance committee
Challenging, try to put children first. If withdrawal pulls through will set the stage for others to do the same. Don’t believe up on high should tell us how to educate our kids. Keep it simple stupid. Family’s could Co tool their own schools, less from above, more self management.
Money has to come from somewhere and it comes from us

And it’s over, I was one of the last speakers. Nerve racking to speak, didn’t say any of my ideas but 8 wanted to shine more light on #Holyoke.
It’s a good place, hope exists.

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Upcoming Reviews – #pcgames

Thanks to the holiday sales I’ve got a bunch of new goodies to go over with you.
Stay tuned for a write up on these little diddies, with some gamplay viewable at twitch.tv/serinitism and youtube.com/syntheticx

Alien Isolation
GRID Autosport
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Octodad Dadliest Catch
Ryse Son of Rome
Shadow Of Mordor

There is so much to love about the latest set of games.  The nextgen systems have hit and the high quality textures are flowing.  The graphics are amazing, incredibly detailed.  4K is almost native and you can even use some NVidia magic to render at 2 or 3 times 1080p and scale down to native, effectively doing some really nice smoothing and softening in the process.

These are games that are 20 to 50g each.  I have a maximum of about 7 games on my fastest 240SSD sanctioned for the heavy hitters.  I’m forced to play through at least a couple of them in order to rotate some in. I’ve spent a fair amount playing in the past couple weeks (as my twitch will undoubtedly show).  I have even been giving older games another shot, fighting through places I became stuck at long ago.

The best part of the older games?  Never having to worry about the framerate.  There’s nothing that jerks you out of a video game reality faster than tearing or stuttering.  With the latest NVidia cards they even have adaptive vsync to optimize the vsync for what the monitor can do for the smoothest possible experience.


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Cyberlink MediaEspresso v7 is a CROCK!


yes I'm hotlinking you charlatans!

First I was unable to convert to h265 and then it can’t read my FRAPs recorded videos?!! For FSM sake, even Microsoft Movie Maker can read them.  So lame.  They call it “next gen” and “easy to use tool” Media Espresso v7 which is $39.99 “retail price” but it was so conveniently included with my $70 Cyberlink Power DVD v14.

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Far Cry 4 and the Problem of Too Much to Do

Forbes: Far Cry 4 and the Problem of Too Much to Do

A great article,  though I will never complain there is to much to do,  in any game ever.

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IGN Borderlands PreSequel SHIFT code


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Extra Life | Gaming for Charity | Donation Drive

Rage 2011-10-11 00-00-01-05

Hey everyone, felt like doing something good with my time so I figured I’d drum up some possible donations and such.  There will be various tiers, of benefits depending on the amount, but seriously a dollar is support.

Of course after $20… things get interesting.

1.) Live hangout of the event.  You can be part of it, or you can simply watch it.
2.) Sponsorship.  I will wear your shirt, or you may sponsor a section of a shirt.  I’ll mention your cousins name in the live feed, substitute their name for any curses… that sort of thing.
3.) Choice – want to see a game in particular?  Want to see me struggle with an old NES title?  I’m game, and I can do it.  Graphics are the name of the game, but gaming for the sake of gaming is not out of the question.
3.) Suggestion – you can add a game to the list, if I don’t have enough determined selections, I’ll start picking from the list, highest bidder gets the top slot.

Check out my donation page and make a pledge!

or you can click for more of my personal reasons for doing this…

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Back to Basics

I have spent 6 months of Elder Scrolls Online-ing.  It ended last night.  Because of the solitary game mentality that subscription games give me I have not played much else.  As it ended yesterday I’ve been looking through my available collection, and because my physical collection is packed at the moment — that leaves Steam and any other digital versions of games I have.

I’ve been trying to revisit some games played, but not completed.  Well, Tomb Raider is completed but still had the save where I was going back to get all the little shiny jimmies. It’s SO pretty I think I’ll try and make up a video to compare to the new XB1/PS4 version of it.

The games played in the last 48 hours include:

  • Carmageddon Reincarnation – currently the Alpha runs at a paltry 23fps.  This is NOT system related.  It is going to be great.
  • Wreckfest – aka “Next Car Game” – It is coming along so well, the new vehicles, tracks and all around feel of driving.  I did a bit with the wheel the other night and used the controller since then.
  • Tomb Raider – I couldn’t remember the controls with the 360 controller.  I fell to my death a couple times while attempting to get a GPS marker, forgetting how to zipline.
  • Assassins Creed III – resumed my game which appears to be about 2/3rds done.  III must be complete before IV can be started.
  • FarCry 3 – resumed my game towards the end.  I never finished but got a little further taking a camp in about an hour and a half.  It takes a little bit to get back into the feel of it.
  • GTA IV: EFLC – Ballad of Gay Tony – I had to see how it was looking, will apply the latest iCEnhancer at some point
  • Grid: Autosport – Resumed a race with the wheel, following night 360 controller
  • Hot Wheels – Worlds Best Driver – Started a game with my son, it’s ridiculously simple and hard
  • Thief – Started it, got through the first mission.  It’s interesting, I like the mechanics and already like it better than Dishonored due to the model style.  I like my video game people to look like people, not caricatures.   I’m sure Dishonored will end up being fun whenever I get back to it…

That’s a lot of real gaming after an extended period of fluff.  ESO can be tough, but normally you’ve set yourself up for the battle you’re getting into with buffs and improved better than your average equipment/weapons.  Playing these games has been much more… difficult.  I need to get back in the groove.

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Video: Teens React to NES

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It’s Official: Next Car Game is… Wreckfest.

True to its name — and a wonderful combination of physics and artistry.
Tonight I played it with a force feedback wheel and it was amazing.  It plays wonderfully too, which is more than I can say for Carmageddon but they appear to be holding back so I expect improvements to performance when they roll theirs out.

Steam Community: Latest Update (10/02) Announcement

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Upgrade Time

This is a developing article, stay tuned for more details.

Current System AMD @ 4.1ghz 4 core, 8 thread, 8G DDR3 Dual Channel 1600

New System Intel i7 @ 3.2ghz (4hz turbo) 4 core, 8 thread, 32 G DDR3 Dual Channel 2400

The video card will stay the same, so lets see how the base bits impact performance!

Current system AMD FX62 @ 4.1ghz 780 ti Classified 8 gig 1600mhz DDR3 Dual Channel

Current system AMD FX62 @ 4.1ghz
780 ti Classified
8 gig 1600mhz DDR3 Dual Channel

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He Said “to blooog, and to blog is to bluff!”

I was asked by my friend Dan if I blogged anymore.  I guess the answer is no; not personally. The reason? I’m partially paranoid, covering my tracks,  but I also don’t take the time.  I would use it as my outlet,  but I’m less figuring out life now as trying to practice it,  so there’s not as much to write other than “Yep,  still hard.  Going to keep trying because I can’t give up”

There are plenty of parenting blogs,  mothering blogs, fathering blogs,  single patenting blogs… All so much more interesting than anything I could come up with. All I’d be doing is complaining how I have made everything so difficult for myself.

I game,  I know gaming and I can ramble on about it, what I like, what I don’t. That’s are so many other people doing it but maybe my opinions may differ just enough to speak to someone.

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You know those things that promise rewards for basic things like surveys or offers? I found a legit one, for reals. You’ve got all that plus a wheel like thing you can try 10 times a day. So far I have gotten a ton of points, $10 amazon gift card and $25 target card, and that’s just off the wheel alone. Give it a shot, sign up, spin the wheel. Keep going if you like but otherwise there’s no commitment and always a chance to download an app or something else for some extra points redeemable for all sorts of things.

Give it a shot (link goes to sign up)

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The other side of Elder Scrolls Online

Horses and catapults and castles. It’s always been my dream since I was little. I had Legos to build the castles and countless battles on their walls. Entire stories would unfold on that coffee table. It is only now why I realize it couldn’t just stay set up there all the time.

I have enjoyed the knights and castles games of previous yore, experienced the endless grind of WoW and played anything that smelled of questing. Oblivion won me over with it’s expanse, it’s lore. The story is told nowhere else other than though the game, many games, which all fit into the history of this fictional land with the depth that only an interactive medium could provide.

I enjoy the character aspect as well, primarily the development. I create the Armour I want to help me survive the environment and get through quests, learn the right enchantments to keep me alive or concentrate on my best abilities. Your character is so very personal,  your character grows with time, adapts skills based on experience and chooses to turn all their loot to gold or invest in their crafting. There are so many combinations it is not often I see two of the same.

The promise of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) was almost too good to be true, the expansive Tamriel Universe with new content, with other players (adventurers). Not only that but you would have fierce PVP battles between factions in a designated area with keeps, resources, and bonuses to those in control of the areas. The vision was hundreds of characters riding in on horses, and exploding into a giant battle of swords, staffs and as psychedelic display of magic. The actuality does not disappoint.

The greatest feeling is Breaking out the siege equipment to hold back the surge or break the defenses. Pummeling the walls until they give, providing a point of entry. Trying to rush in and take out any remaining on the walls above. All while they’re dropping hot oil, shooting down on you from the walls. It’s exhilarating.

I just finished a major PVP campaign for the second night in a row in ESO. It has to be the most fun I have had in a multiplayer game, I would compare it to the best possible experience in Battlefield where everyone communicated, filled their role, worked as a team.

I can say after the past couple nights that promise of ESO has been realized and it’s so much more. It is true that the real game starts once you reach the end. The bosses are bigger,  enemies faster and trickier in their abilities. You haven’t seen hard until you need a full group of Vets to take down a single beast.












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XBOX 360 PC Wireless Gaming Receiver – Drivers for knockoff

This is a picture of the knockoff

Hey, they don’t sell the official one anymore.

I bought the thing on ebay, exactly like this guy did.

Essentially here are the steps:
– (optional) I already had it installed because I’m replacing the legit receiver but you can:
Install the official software: http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/en-us/d/xbox-360-wireless-controller-for-windows
– Start -> Search for “Device Manager” -> Open it
– Find the “Unknown Device” -> right click -> properties
– Driver -> Update driver -> Browse my computer -> Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
– Double click “All devices” -> Search for “Microsoft” in the left pane and select it -> Search for “XBox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version: 2.1xxx”
– Choose “Next” and complete the install

At that point the light turned on on the receiver, I pressed both the button on the receiver and the synch button on the controller, quick dip dip and it was up and running. The difference is I guess they didn’t include the driver with the version from 2011. I had a CD but my drive is dead in this computer and my secondary machine which I normally use the CD Drive over the network doesn’t like the hot weather.

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I used to have time… Oh so much time. It may yet return but just totally found a phenomenal review on GOG… It was written by me, I was nodding and yes yes yesing to 2012 me, which I saw once I got to the end.

I noticed I hadn’t really posted lately and there is a ton to elaborate on. New coding both for work and home with projects like using visual studio for web design with aspx. I got a little into Leap programming (got it to connect) and need to try some more coding for glass. I’m not even sure I have anything much on here related to Glass.

In any case I shall post some more stuff, been collecting ESO screenshots as they have steadily improved it since launch.

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