Mirror: Help Anonymous Wipe Daesh (ISIS) From The Web – Instructions


Instructions for finding ISIS-related websites

1. Get Python at https://www.python.org/downloads/ unless you already have it (Mac does)

2. Open Terminal (or Command Prompt for Windows) and type (without quotes) “python”

3. Now, this step requires a little explanation. Let’s set this out neatly, shall we…

  • Copy the contents of the following link to your clipboardhttps://ghostbin.com/paste/oo4tb
  • The contents of that link are some search terms that relate to ISIS and their content, allowing you to narrow down the results to specific ones
  • Paste the strings into the Terminal and press Enter

4. Choose a couple of strings (3 recommended) from the list of strings. For this example we will use strings 3+38+46

5. Once chosen, continue in terminal (without quotes) “print(str3+str38+str42)” and copy the results

6. Paste the results in https://www.google.iq and analyze the new results To translate pages, it is recommended to use Google Chrome, which has integrated translation

7. Submit any valid ones to one of the channel operators and we will deal with the info accordingly

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Benchmarking Rumble! The 780ti 3G vs the 980ti 6G — both EVGA Classifies, who will win???


Ok, so we know who will win card on card, but what about in SLI?
The extra memory is going to make scaling possible, rendering at much higher resolutions (4k? 5k?) and then scaling down for the display resolution of the monitor. Since my monitor was one of the earlier 120hz ones, I’m stuck with 1920 x 1080 but the 2 780ti in SLI have been MORE than enough, except… in VRAM. I am only now feeling the pinch with the draw distance of GTA V being the first indication.

I regularly get upwards of 100fps with games cranked, and that means a lot. I really enjoy a smooth smooth picture, no cachunking, no tearing. So while we’re waiting for the ebay auction to complete, I’m going to collect some numbers from the current record holders who have served me so well.

So without further ado, lets see those numbers!

Round 1!
SLI 780ti baseline:
Steam: 3DMark Advanced:

2 x 780ti in SLI Firestrike Extreme

2 x 780ti in SLI Firestrike Extreme

FireStrike 1.1: 16764
with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti(2x) and Intel Core i7-4790S Processor

Graphics Score 24579
Physics Score 10630
Combined Score 6655

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EBAY: USED 2 x EVGA 780ti Classified – 03G-P4-2888-KR

Yes that’s right, 2 780ti Classified cards by the best video card manufacturer!

I’m currently selling the 2 of them in separate options up on ebay.
Care to take a look?



5 and 7 days respectively, please share!

** update 2015.1123 **

Current Status:

Both cards are up to about $200 currently — 1 day 1 hour left on one, 3 days on the other:


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SecureBoot Causes Windows 10 Problem 10586 Pro

Had a damn near heart attack and did some much put off maintenance on my system today. Last night it failed to boot and I was at a complete loss as to why.

I had added in an M.2 onboard PCIEx drive (256 on a chip instead of in an SSD SATA drive) a while back for my foray into Windows 10 — really just needed an excuse to get something newer and faster. I’ve hit my SATA drive limit for the board since the very beginning, and having one less dedicated to an active drive was a nice thought.

It worked after learning quite a bit about M.2 and detaching all the other drives on the system which magically had Windows boot loader on it. It’s been really great… until this latest build.

I’m not sure what happened, but even after a bios reset the bootcodes for “safeboot” appeared to still be intact in the bios, so possibly Windows 10 itself messed them up and couldn’t come up with them in order to boot properly.

In short, I turned off safeboot and it came right up.

Unfortuantely my propensity to troubleshoot left to a complete rebuilding. A complete rebuilding without removing the engine block, I suppose would be more accurate. I pulled out my video cards, all the power cords (modular) drives and cleaned house. I literally cleaned, and also pulled out the molex power and put in another SATA one that I had to dig out of a box in the garage.

I now have all the drives set up as they should, no molex to SATA power adapters and such inbetween, removed extra cables, attached the fans to the motherboard connectors for active fan management and removed as many of the other excuses for molex as I could. It ended up looking quite nice, as nice as an oversized box full o hardware can look, I suppose.

having reset the bios also meant I went through all the settings again, and made sure everything was working optimally (like the RAM settings off of XMP profile) to get the max out of everything. Apparently I hadn’t set the switch which allowed the system to modulate the multiplier and voltage automatically, so I wasn’t actually running on my turbo like I should have been. Sidenote: it’s weird that turbo is back. Last time I remember turbo was with my 386 being able to go from 33mhz to 66mhz

So here I am on the maiden voyage of a newly optimized system. I’m about to try to hop into GTA V to drive my new car. This was the last week of the holloween specials so I sold a few cars i don’t use as well as a property to make up the difference needed. No way was I going to buy a “cash card” and pay real money for a car to use in online. I did want a herse however, so now I can go drive it!

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Extra Life 2015 – Gaming For 24 Hours on 11/07/2015!

A fundraising page for

Source: Extra Life!

Come join the fun!

Join the Google Plus Hangout

*update* There was a small setback last night. I got through some GTA V Online, Carmageddon Reincarnation, and was going to take a “break” in the chair with the ipad and some NFS and… zonk. Through caffeine — I had been robbing myself of sleep all week, so it made sense it finally caught up. It just proves I’m not such a young whipper snapper anymore!
It was then a bad choice to start on my first cup of coffee and DiRT Rally. As my kids who were watching said: “You did TERRIBLE” — yes, yes indeed.

I think I’ll pick a small game inbetwixt to give a little more time before I jump into war.
Small game… ended up finishing Ryse. I then went to start BF4 and it needs and update — woops, should have checked. So I’m moving Music wave up.

Music game called on account of broken string, not feeling like learning how to restring a guitar right this second.

Battlefield ran into this problem which is caused by Windows 10 reinstalling all the time (Insider Preview builds). Registry edit didn’t want to work on its own and I didn’t want to restart again.

It appears as it’s Point and Click adventure time! I need to save the scary for after the kids are in bed.
Installing Dying Light and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux because I want to play those at some point tonight, also installing Grim Fandango Remastered in case I get stuck in Tesla Effect.

Vote on what I play next!
Wave1: Bloody Complete!
Wave2: Racing Complete!
Wave6: Music Complete!
Wave5: Point and Click Adventure Complete!

Tesla Effect took up the rest of my time… and then some. I am still not finished but you better believe I’ll finish it as soon as I can.
You can watch the replay of all of today’s events at twitch.tv/serinitism

Thanks for the support, and thanks for watching!
Signing off for #ExtraLife2015!

Wave3: FPS TBD
Wave4: Scary TBD

— GTA V Online
— Carmageddon Reincarnation
— DiRT Rally
— Wreckfest (Next Car Game)
— Ryse

Watch live video from Serinitism on www.twitch.tv

I’m raising money for Extra Life again this year, now for my local children’s hospital! I had some rough teenage years, much of it spent in the hospital and games are one of the things that helped me through it. For those couple hours (one NES for the whole floor) I wasn’t thinking about the pain, or the things sticking out of me. It was a welcome reprieve. I hope you can spare some change (really, a $1 is fine by me) just to show how many people care. I want to help them be able to provide these things to kids who can’t afford the proper care, or even for some systems and TVs for the floor. I know how much it means to them.

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Contest Update — More More More!

So here’s the deal — no response to the previous one so I’m now doubling down with the prize for the next 12 hours — anyone who donates will be entered to win both the previous prize of the $10 to LooneyLabs but also a limited edition Extra Life wooden iPhone / Samsung / Other major brand case for $10 ($30 value!)

Donate and get this custom wooden case for $10!

If that sounds cool to you, hit up the donation link in the post below!

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Contest! 4 Days Of WIN! Today: Win $10 Off @ LooneyLabs!

4 DAYS LEFT!! The countdown has begun, check back with us every day until 0 hour to win something cool!


The heat is on… 4 days until you can watch all the fun happen in real time.
You can connect with us on our G+ page. Join the hangout the night of and chat away!
The action will all be streaming on twitch.tv\serinitism

Now that the business is out of the way, how would you like to win a $10 gift certificate to Looney Labs? You can! Everyone who donates in the next 24 hours (starting 11/4/2015 9:15PM EST) will be entered to win. Anyone who donates, that means any amount! Even $1? Yes, even a dollar!

Wondering what sort of goodies they have?
LooneyLabsCheck them out!
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Mega 80s Mashup | Danielle Ate the Sandwich & David Bashford – YouTube

This is gonna be big! #80sMegaMashup


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Forget Oregon’s Gunman. Remember the Hero Who Charged Straight at Him.

No amount of murder seems likely to result in gun control soon. So let’s do what we can to stop the lunacy—by reserving the limelight for the vet who rushed the killer.

Source: Forget Oregon’s Gunman. Remember the Hero Who Charged Straight at Him.

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Somebody uploaded 50+ of K-Mart’s in-store music tapes from the 90s

Flashback… to shopping.

Source: Community Audio : Free Audio : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive


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SyntheticX Gamleaon: Mad Max – With Commentary

MAD MAX – Cacophony

This will be where I’ll have more to say.

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Musical  Conundrum

I really want to buy these two albums. I want the artists to get one more purchase and show that I enjoy their work. Both of these albums are free to listen to with Amazon Prime. I don’t normally listen to anything not streaming. I listen to the music I own, but usually when purchasing I don’t even open them. I put them on the shelf (or I purchase LP and store it). I am purchasing with gift card credits but still… I can use that $20 for something else. What to do?? How about you buy them!

Echosmith is probably known for “Cool Kids” I despised the song when I first heard it. The rest of the album is really phenomenal though. It’s upbeat pop for the most part, relatively calm, but with some really great female vocals and modern sound.

Source: Echosmith – Google Play

Elle King is a resurgence in rock(blues)! You won’t believe this was just released (oh and she’s also Rob Schneider’s daughter – Tanner Elle Schneider (born July 3, 1989)) Some great music, great lyrics, a bit repetitive in places but an exciting Freshman release.

Source: Elle King – Google Play

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My Appreciation

It has waxed and waned over the past few months but I am attempting too grasp a true appreciation in life. I’m taking stock and even thought to myself the other morning, as I was listening to my morning as conference call and cleaning out the dishwasher, that I should write down the tidbits here and there that make me smile. I specifically want to note the high spots that I never seem to be able to remember when I’m feeling down on myself.  I have heard from those older and wiser that many times it is those little things that make all the shit inbetween worth it.

I don’t write, I type… Or in this case draw lines between letters with my right index finger.  I am hoping I can be more aware of these things and derive more pleasure from the mundane.
I’m in the lump again.  I feel like I’m doing the same thing day in, day out, not really eating, grooming, and just feel obligated to keep going, so I do.  I can’t even get my shit together enough to pick up stuff, put away my laundry, wash some work pants, iron some shirts to give me more than the same set of clothes. I have enough of clothes, this can’t be a real issue.  I have too many… A side effect of working at the mall for a few years… Over ten years ago. Some of the clothes I bought then are finally wearing out and I haven’t been replacing them.

I’m ready to throw out all my Sox, but 3 bags of all the same, white and dress.  I am slightly colorblind so matching blue Brown and black Ann’s Greg can sometimes be a challenge and the dress stocks I have are mangled and singles, nothing but singles it seems.
A just remembered getting her Minnie mouse at the store with her great grandmother, about a year ago.  She died recently so the thought that she remembered that happy time brought me to tears.i was able to give her a big  hug and akiss goodnight.  She didn’t know, and might not even hang on to that memory but it was a happy dad thought since I never met most of my grand parents, let alone great grand parents.
I also tried to read to G. I didn’t want to read hearty litter and he flips out if he’s not completely coddled and comfortable with what a story could entail. He was very tired to, but I really look forward to reading some exporting books  Mywith him. mom always read worth me but my dad never really could. He tried but he was slow, would miss-read or not really know the words.. I want  to  to experience that both with him and for him. I gave him snuggles instead and he picked up a superman comic as I said goodnight to him.
IPad is bad type, me edit later on real computer.

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Steam Community :: z3rin :: Review for Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Octodad: Dadliest Catch


So much fun! I had a blast playing this one and it’s even more fun to watch when you’re not struggling with the controls.
You will struggle with the controls, especially with a controller — which is the only way to play it. It’s a marvelous challenge, and unbelievably satisfying once you get him to do what you want, in some semblance of the way you intend. The side-effects of the controls is an incredibly silly experience. You will spill things, flip tables, and bonk unsuspectings.

I recommend this game to everyone and anyone who wants something different.

Source: Steam Community :: z3rin :: Review for Octodad: Dadliest Catch

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13th century insult discovered etched into the walls of Nidaros Cathedral – Medievalists.net


Source: 13th century insult discovered etched into the walls of Nidaros Cathedral – Medievalists.net

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Windows has always allowed to you to customize different alert sounds from the Control Panel, but it remove your ability to customize a few of them in Windows 8—particularly the sounds for logon, logoff, and shutdown. Here’s how to change them.

Source: Customize the Logon, Logoff, and Shutdown Sounds in Windows 8

Yeah — it’s windows 8 but it’s needed for Windows 10 too.  I couldn’t remember, but knew it was possible.  Why do they even hide it?  It’s not like there’s a proprietary “windows start” sound… unless you want to go all retro ’95 with the Rolling Stones, though you should just use the “…you’d make a dead man cum.” part of the song.

Oh look, here it is!
(note: it didn’t exist so I made it — you’re welcome)

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Elder Scrolls Online in 2k

I recently pulled down some new settings in NVidia “Experience” it’s hokey but it’s easy and gives me an idea of what games should run at. It hasn’t not been MAX yet, but there will come a day, I’m sure. I am still running at 1920 x 1080 at least, though @ 120hz. I let go of my 2560 x 1600 for a smoother frame rate, that was limited to 60hz.

So I came upon these settings today and had to try it out:


Elder Scrolls Online settings in NVidia Experience. I think this example picture MAY actually be from The Witcher 3 and NOT Elder Scrolls

Check out the comparison shots after the jump…

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5 minute Grand Theft Auto V highway pileup/explosion. – YouTube

Shamelessly swiped directly from Kotaku.  Google Now suggested it, otherwise I’ve given up on the ENTIRE Gawker family.  The binary lords help anyone who ventures there through a social media site as you will be barraged by the barragiest of barrages.

Anyhow… phenominal GTA V video here – not only does the AI make some really great choices, it’s in first person — can’t do that on console, let alone without reaching the “vehicle limit”.

Enjoy! (GIF here – Video after break)

Taken from the video

Taken from the video

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I was a big fan of Mafia II:: Video: Mafia III Reveal Trailer

So I admit I saw this sponsored in YouTube.  I really loved the second one.  I don’t remember playing the first but the play-ability was decent and the story itself was fabulous.  Besides a really really hard part I was stuck on for a long long time, I finally beat it and finished the game.  I was not disappointed… by the game, but it didn’t leave the characters in a great spot.  I wasn’t even thinking sequel at the time.  Hopefully this does as well of a job of capturing the time period.

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Alan Touring

It’s cheesy that it was the movie that got me wanting to learn more, but I finally got the book from the library and have been dredging through it up until today when I finally got to page 100 where they start to describe the entire premise behind his machine to perform mathematical operations. To say it is facinating is an understatement, I am enthrawled. The fact that anyone can come up with this theory, granted based on previous theories, boggles my mind. It also enables me to see the very lowest level of computing.

I look forward to writing more about it.

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Almost 2 Months Down

…ad infinitum to go.

Today has been excruciatingly difficult. It’s been a busy week — celebrating the actual birthdays on Wed and Thu, making sure the parts for the swing set all arrived on time (picking up the big one from the shipping company directly), assembly of said swing set, a setback in group therapy, cleaning and generally getting ready for the kids’ party.

I’ve been a bundle of nerves today. I was able to get a brief reprieve with an online SMART meeting and playing catch with G using his new glove. I can’t believe it’s been this many years. That could be adding to the feelings. I’m also all out of the anxiety meds, waiting for the doctor to approve a refill. It is hard to say how much could be withdrawal and what is native brain at this point. It’s only been about 2 days without it but I just can’t sit still. There’s nothing to be worried about, no reason to be nervous — yet my stomach feels as though the world is crashing down.

As I type this A is snuggled up on my lap, an easy going playlist on Spotify playing. It’s a wonderful feeling, but it can’t break this feeling completely. It ends up turning into concern for their well-being and what dangers I need to keep them from, now, and as they grow. This is the feeling I tried to drown with alcohol.

Tuesday was a whopper — it was my 2nd, 3rd(?) week of one day a week, down from every day after work, for 3.5 hours. I was made to feel very uncomfortable by one person in the group, and felt I had to speak up and call him out on his behavior not being conducive to the “safe” feeling that group should have. Anyone should be able to express their feelings and he was interrupting and cracking jokes at their expense. I finally said something to the moderator once that particular person left. I started saying how I felt when the others were interrupted and he started turning it on me. I was already upset by the thing itself, brought up enough courage to address it, and now it felt as though it was being denied and I was singled out as being unreasonable. It escalated as he attempted to focus it on me and I ended up shouting, walking out calling him a Dr Phil motherfucker. It seems crazy looking back on it. I drove home very angry, probably more angry than anyone should drive while being.

I got a call from the other counsellor later and found out that particular individual had been drinking before the meeting. I was also not being singled out, but being focused on and he was attempting to help, being as upset as I was. It all makes sense in hindsight. I felt so betrayed at the time, memories of highschool being brought back in full force. Here was the teacher, and they were turning it back on me as my fault not trying harder to be like everyone else.

Incident aside, the focus was the kids’ birthdays. We had tacos for the girls, and then I had the idea to go to Chuck E Cheese when Gs original restaurant plan didn’t pan out (looked at the menu online, wasn’t anything that he wanted). It just struck me that there was this place that was a lot of fun. We found a coupon — paid far too much for a pizza and 4 drinks and 100 tokens for 3 kids. A was a gambler. She wanted to do the ticket games, pumping token after token. I’ve got to hand it to them, though. Everything was 1 token. That was great, as whatever looked like fun could be tried with no thought of weight against another. A good time was had by all.

Mom came that night, ended up having to wait and was rather upset when we finally got home. I hadn’t put much thought into her arrival time when I wanted to go and probably should have. I’m not sure if she would have liked to come with us having driven so far already but thought I had told her by text. The text went to the cell she still has that lacks texting, phone calls went to the iphone she’s still figuring out how to answer. It was a giant glub all-round.

I then worked at home on Friday — attempted to go to work but ended up getting molten peanut butter on my linen shirt and pants just before hitting the highway. I doubled back taking that as a sign. I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked and that adds to my trepidation. Oh yeah, somewhere in there found out my uncle had tumors in his brain they are attempting to shrink so he can get another couple weeks of cognition. My father has no money to get out to see him, I would like to see him and it would certainly be easier with my father so I did a post on G+ to see if anyone would be willing to help. It was worth a shot.

Saturday was the party, today was a mess. I was a mess today. I hoped this would help but have broken out in tears a couple times while writing this. I’m scrambled. I was even ok yesterday amidst all the family and being host and father, I think because I was busy maybe also because I still had a bit of the medication in my system. Family gatherings usually do me in mentally.

So my life at this point is good. I haven’t had a drink since 6/4 and I’m attempting to actually face my problems instead of drowning them. I am present and living my life, difficulties and all. I am treasuring each moment with my children, appreciating some of the things I had glazed over, being glazed, myself. This is all extremely difficult, but my family is why I do it.

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A Bump

I was given information last night at IOP that instantly filled me with trepidation, doubt, fear… I have a copay.  Yet another promise based on nothing, no proof, just a usually… And of course my insurance is different.  They have a payment plan and I shared my concern with the person in charge: that I can’t afford it right now and I am afraid that will either directly impact my ability to continue or that I could use it as an excuse for not continuing.


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Kids react to power glove

To be embedded.

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Thoughts While AFK

If I want to listen to Paranoid Android, why Spotify, would I want to listen to Interpol. You should know my age by now.  No, bad Spotify!

Also music related, has Pitbull purchased stock in makers of Fireball whiskey? It’s become a thing and then I hear his song which makes me wonder which came first. The song even breaks down”we are bringing it back”  …or maybe he invested in Prilosec.

One of the side effects of not only the night of ill repute (6/4-6/5) but the afternoon of attempted mitigation (6/7) was poison ivy/something. I know what to look for with ivy, but not so much either of the other two.  I tend to break out bad, and the relatively small exposure I had initially, I made it much worse trying to find my list items by retracing my steps.




Now at the doctor express because my doctor only had 1 I office today and the walk in clinic at cvs was also not available because”she’s” (the practitioner) “sick” and I could see her through the open in afor sitting  chair with another woman in a white coat.

Getting all ailments checked while I’m here, not as expensive as emergency room but it will be more than a copay, by a titsch.


I have not had too much of a desire to be on social media.  It pulled me away from living just as much as drinking.  Most of what I shared was reposted. The few original articles I did come across I chalked them up to political commentary so they could go on the official page.


Our anniversary is at the end of the month. I have no idea what we should do. What will happen with our plan to go back to the wine trail each year? I have said goodbye, and I’m trying to understand what I was running from, live in the moment, experience it. I felt it several times this weekend, it felt good. 


I worry my friend is off changing without me.  I can’t say he’d want to play games. He’s been playing board games, they are cool and all but I’m not usually that good, at least with video games if I suck I can hand it to him and watch him kick ass.


That steroid shot was pretty mega.  It was a surge, disorienting, like fuel burning in my blood stream.  Gearing up for something great.  Actually just a skin rash but it seemed to tackle it pretty good with the high dose. Small dose it just got itchy and patchy again. Wah wah wah.

Still hanging on, only one really bad spot near my ankle but my whole leg is on fire from knee down, and swollen from the itching. Wearing light long pants to avoid scratching.

6/26 Coming Clean

First night of intensive group.  That means you listen to buzzwords, are asked for your thoughts on things, and people are being enthusiastic about recovery, with many missteps along the way.  I wasn’t planning on saying anything, let alone getting into detail as to why I was there.  It has been a long time, maybe 20 years that I have looked for distraction.  Often seeking something that would downright numb or lift me.  I was always looking for something to quiet the din, feeling uncomfortable in my own head.  I kept it in check, what I thought was reasonable control but count up the times I was dead drunk, or blacked out, or something bad happened when I was drinking and it is a pattern.  I can see this better than 5 hours ago, which I not only doubted would happen but was adamant I could maintain my cynicism through at least the first meeting.  I’m not going to say it was miraculous or that it was an awakening but I found the common ground.

Everyone lied.  They were ashamed, or selfish, or already under the influence.  They let people down, they destroyed trust, we lied to maintain.  I have always told myself cI ould keep it straight, I could have parallel realities it of  would keep me at number one.  I was always the most important thing in my life. 

The pressure I feel from my children, to not let them down, to do right for them is what currently drives me. It’s not supposed to, I’m told it’s supposed to be for me.  I still don’t feel I’m worth it which is nonsense I know but my worth and my self worth have been off for a long long time.  This is where someone might blame ” The disease” which I’m still not buying into. I also can’t get over the “higher power” deal, need to find some atheists.


First AA meeting.  It’s everything I thought it would be. A horrible place for a hardcore emotive personality. I feel everything they express, and their stories and habits were far worse than mine.  I stayed for most of it.  Bonus: Not In A Church. A bunch of people showed.

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Not Quite: Video Game Franchises That Just Need to Stop

13 Video Game Franchises That Just Need to Stop.

There is maybe one or two one this list that I agree with. They then filled it in with other games that had consecutive titles. The author has no idea about some of these games and literally just pasted a general description, not actually mentioning why they’re in the list.

COD should be on this list
NFS should be on this list
Assassins Creed should be on this list

The reasons given however, are weak — so weak. I could write an entire article on each of them and where they have faltered. For NFS it went from being physics based and a great arcady simulation to a grab bag of “how many are going to be shit arcade before we get another good one.”

NFS I – groundbreaking, II – more of the same, III added force feedback and some actual differences in handling.

High Stakes – ok, cops

Porsche – really? just for the license, was high stakes tracks and graphics rehashed with Porsches

Most Wanted I — Pinnacle of what open world NFS could be, phenomenal at the time – contained story elements, police chaces, and missions… however, it did have quite the.
From there… it just went down.

Underground – hokey FMV acting and cringeworthy dialog

Carbon – Fast N Furious, all the way baby – it was somewhat open world, much more tuner, younger demographic

ProStreet – I liked the idea, it took less of a “streets” approach than carbon, more sanctioned track day, which didn’t feel like quite enough, the drag racing was fun… once or twice

Undercover – interesting twist, horrible acting again

Shift – I liked this one a lot, finally got some sim back in, better than
Grand Taurismo not as good as Forza

Hot Pursuit – tried hard, nope

Shift 2 – OK, Shift and then a bit more

The Run – very bad, pretended you could actually race against opponents, you would only gain what each stage allowed, you either won the stage, or you didn’t.

Most Wanted (2013?) – FAILED

Rivals – BAD arcade, race friends!!!11!! nope.

I’m not very hopeful for the newest but I always seem to buy them, usually once they’re on very very sale. I am no longer a Day 0 NFS fan but I do seem to have them all.
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How many of you actually agree with this list?

13 Video Game Franchises That Just Need to Stop
There are a lot of video game franchises that keep producing games, even when they are past their prime. They are like an aging sports star, they need to either sit on the bench or outright retire.

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